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Dram Shop Expert Witness

Who Can Benefit From Our Services

Monshaugen & Van Huff, P.C.’s Dram Shop Expert Witness offers a helpful service for many different types of businesses. From helping lawyers build cases that involve an understanding of alcohol laws in the state, to offering claims investigation support to insurance companies involved with an alcohol-related claim, or to businesses who want to better understand their liability in hypothetical situations. Below we explore why you may wish to consult our services:

For Law Firms:

  • Enhanced Case Credibility: Our dram shop expert witness can provide authoritative and specialized knowledge that can substantiate a law firm’s arguments and enhance the credibility of their case.
  • Complex Case Simplification: Our dram shop experts can simplify complex alcohol-related legal issues for juries and judges. Offering these clear explanations makes it easier to convey the critical aspects of a case.
  • Strategic Insight: We can offer strategic advice on navigating the legal intricacies of Dram Shop laws. This can help aid in case preparation and strategy development before you take your case to court.
  • Expert Testimony: Our dram shop expert witness testimony can be pivotal in swaying court decisions, especially in cases where the interpretation of alcohol-related laws and regulations is difficult for a jury to understand.
  • Litigation Support: We can provide comprehensive litigation support throughout your case. This includes reviewing evidence, preparing for depositions, and assisting in crafting compelling arguments that reflect our deep understanding of the laws surrounding alcohol consumption and sales in the state.

For Insurance Companies:

  • Accurate Liability Assessment: We can help in accurately determining who is liable in alcohol-related incidents. This is crucial for claims processing.
  • Risk Management Advice: We can offer comprehensive insights into risk management strategies for clients in the hospitality industry, with the goal of helping to minimize future liabilities.
  • Claims Investigation Support: We can assist in determining the validity and extent of an insurance claim related to alcohol service.
  • Policy Development Guidance: We can offer guidance in developing policies and practices that comply with Dram Shop laws. This can potentially reduce future claims.
  • Dispute Resolution: We can provide dram shop expert opinions to help facilitate the resolution of disputes between policyholders and insurance companies.

For Hospitality Businesses:

  • Compliance and Best Practices: We can advise on best practices and how to remain in compliance with local and state liquor laws. This can help you avoid legal issues and fines down-the-line, as well as ensure that you are offering responsible alcohol service to your patrons.
  • Employee Training Recommendations: We can recommend bartender training and staff training programs for employees to properly handle alcohol service. The proper training can help reduce the risk of liability for your business.
  • Operational Risk Assessment: We can evaluate operational practices and suggest improvements to minimize the risks associated with serving alcohol.
  • Litigation Defense: We can provide defense support in litigation, offering expert opinions that can mitigate or absolve the establishment’s liability in alcohol-related incidents.

For Individuals and Plaintiffs:

  • Personal Injury Cases: We can offer the insights of dram shop experts in personal injury cases involving alcohol. These insights can support claims for compensation when dealing with insurance companies. Additionally, we can provide this in court through our dram shop expert witness testimony.
  • Corroborating Evidence: We can provide corroborative evidence in cases where alcohol service practices are in question.

For Government and Regulatory Bodies:

  • Regulatory Compliance Analysis: We can assist in analyzing and interpreting compliance with alcohol regulations. This analysis can aid in enforcement actions.
  • Policy Formulation Support: We can provide expertise, from years of working on alcohol-related cases,  for the formulation of alcohol-related policies and regulations.

When Do You Need Our Services

Each of these scenarios listed below require the expert knowledge of how alcohol affects behavior and decision-making. They also require a deep understanding of the legal guidelines and ramifications surrounding the sale and serving of alcoholic beverages and a business’s responsibilities that come with that service.

  • Alcohol-Related Accidents: Incidents where a business served alcohol that lead to an accident.
  • Underage Drinking Incidents: Any case that involves an establishment that served alcohol, knowingly or unknowingly, to minors which lead to accidents or injuries.
  • Over-Serving Allegations: Any situation where a bar or restaurant is accused of serving alcohol to visibly intoxicated individuals who then cause harm or damages.
  • Alcohol-Related Assaults and Fights: Any incidents where excessive alcohol consumption, in a licensed establishment, led to violent behavior.
  • Wrongful Death Claims: Cases where excessive alcohol consumption facilitated by a business resulted in a fatality.
  • Premises Liability Cases: If an establishment fails to maintain a safe environment for intoxicated patrons and this leads to accidents or injuries, the business is often liable.
  • Employee Liability Claims: When an employee of a licensed establishment causes harm after being over-served at their workplace.
  • Regulatory Compliance Violations: Any cases involving allegations of a business violating state liquor laws and regulations.
  • Insurance Claims and Disputes: Anything involving coverage and liability issues related to alcoholic beverage sales and consumption.
  • Business Disputes and Licensing Issues: Disagreements or legal issues relating to the operation of a business that serves alcohol.
  • Personal Injury Lawsuits: Lawsuits involving individuals, such as those in drunk driving accidents, injured due to alcohol-related incidents linked to a particular establishment.
  • Product Liability Claims: In rare cases, the production or formulation of the alcoholic beverage itself may be under scrutiny. This is usually if a product causes someone to be ill or may be more alcoholic than it is listed as being.
  • Public Safety and Health Violations: Any cases involving public health and safety violations by establishments that serve alcohol.
  • Hospitality Industry Standards and Practices: This involves evaluating whether an establishment adhered to industry standards and responsible alcohol service.

About Texas Dram Shop Expert — Experience You Can Trust

At Monshaugen & Van Huff, P.C., we specialize in dram shop and liquor liability cases, with a focus on Texas law. Our team boasts years of experience in the legal industry, handling a wide array of cases involving alcohol service establishments and their responsibilities.

Our lead dram shop expert is Albert T. Van Huff, a seasoned attorney who has spent decades working on dram shop cases, representing clients on both sides of the issue. This extensive experience ensures that our clients receive the highest level of knowledge and expertise when it comes to navigating the complexities of dram shop litigation.

Our Services – Comprehensive Support for Your Dram Shop Case

We offer a variety of services to help you understand and navigate the legal landscape of dram shop cases in Texas. Our services include:

Legal Consultation

Our team provides professional guidance to individuals and businesses involved in dram shop cases. We can help evaluate the merits of your case, discuss potential outcomes, and outline strategies for success.

Expert Witness

Our lead dram shop expert is available to serve as an expert witness in dram shop litigation. With an in-depth understanding of Texas dram shop law and a wealth of experience, our expert can provide credible and compelling testimony in court.

Case Evaluation

We offer comprehensive dram shop liability case evaluations for those involved in dram shop litigation. Our team will review the facts, assess liability, and provide a thorough analysis of the potential outcomes.

Settlement Negotiation

Our dram shop experts can provide support during settlement negotiations, ensuring that you achieve the most favorable outcome possible.

Litigation Support

Our team offers comprehensive support throughout the litigation process, assisting with case preparation, evidence review, and trial strategy.

Contact Us — Our Dram Shop Experts are Here to Help

If you’re in need of professional guidance for a dram shop case in Texas, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Contact us today to schedule a consultation or to learn more about our services. We’re here to help you protect your rights and secure the best possible outcome for your case.

Albert T. Van Huff - TABC Attorney

About Albert T. Van Huff

Albert T. Van Huff is a lawyer with over 23 years experience in Texas liquor law. Albert is a partner at Monshaugen & Van Huff, P.C., where he has successfully guided numerous clients through the complexities of Texas liquor laws.